The Prophet

You called me seer, prophet or gypsy
but you did not believe it anymore
when I once told you what I see
that you'll survive this stupid war.

I told you long before it started
that a new life there will be.
By those weapons now you're haunted.
You just do not have faith in me !

The spirit of Man is completely poisoned
with power, hate and promised glory.
That's why this war once was started
and you watched it helplessly.

You could not have prevented this
for I have seen it long before.
I saw the fighting, hunger and death,
I saw this dirty, bloody war.

You did not listen and laughed at me,
you asked why they would do this.
I only tell you what I see,
to answer reason not my task is.

Now, that all of it really happened
and everything I saw came true,
you look at me in astonishment
and ask me what else I knew.

Have you really forgotten my words ?
Then listen to me once again:
"The Saviors of this dying world
will free you in the end.

Only a few of you will survive,
for the killing will go on for years.
But finally they will arrive
to bring new life and take your fears."

You call me seer, prophet or gypsy
and now you're not laughing at me.
Now, do you finally believe my words ?
That a new life there will be !

©  Carolin Gröhl