The Secret Lover

Step by step I walk through the night
I can hear my lover’s sweet sigh
I can feel his tender touch in my hair
Whispering, murmuring, he will be there.

My secret lover, the wind, is singing
Of past, of life and new beginning
He embraces me warm to caress my skin
He is blowing a storm to wake me within

Step by step no one to see
A time for me to feel and to be
I talk with him, sing with him, confiding my fears
Hearing him, feeling him drying my tears.

Time will steal all beauty away
But my secret lover always will stay
Like he was soothing my baby’s cry
He will sing for me my last lullaby.

My secret lover and I will be singing
Of past, of life and new beginning
We’ll embrace you warm to caress your skin
We’ll blow a storm to wake you within

Step by step I will dance through the night
Swirling with my lover beside
If you want you can feel us touching your hair
Whispering, murmuring, we will be there.

© Britta Durchleuchter (21. Juni 2000)